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Whiteheads Quick Reference Guide

Need a quick guide for those visible white bumps on your skin?

Check Out Dr Alek Nikolic’s Helpful & Quick Reference Guide for Whiteheads


What Are They?

  • White or light-colored bumps on the surface of skin

What Causes Them?

  • Very simply they are caused due to clogged pores through:
    1. Sebum
    2. Dead skin cells
    3. Bacteria
    4. Other skin debris


Blackheads are OPEN pores ‪so oxygen allows oxidation and hence the dark colour

Whiteheads are CLOSED so no oxidation and hence no dark colour


How To Treat Whiteheads?

Treatment Tip:

Whiteheads cannot be extracted or squeezed out as there is no opening in the skin

  1. Best way to remove whiteheads:

    1. Chemical Exfoliation: use ‘ acids’  not granules. alphahydroxy and betahydroxy acids work best as chemical exfoliators
      1. Exfoliation removes the outer layers of skin and eventually opens up the pores. Once they are open, the whiteheads will either go away on their own, or they can be extracted
    2. You can exfoliate with a CLEANSER, PAD, TONER, SERUM, EXFOLIANT, PEEL, or MASK
    3. Look for ingredients like AHA’s, BHA’s and/or enzymes:
      1. These ingredients break up dead skin, so they shed faster
      2. All acids and enzymes will help. Choose the ones that work well for you
    4. To prevent whiteheads, use AHAs, enzymes, or retinoids regularly in your skin care routine

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