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    Supports the natural cell regeneration process and reduces the appearance of signs of skin aging

    Activ Retinol 0.5 is recommended to treat loss of skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines and dull complexion

    For normal and sensitive skin

    Who should use it:

    • All skin types
    • Wrinkles
    • Fine Lines
    • Anti-Ageing

    Directions For Use:

    Apply to the face and neck in the morning or evening before your Dermaceutic cream

    Not to be used if you are pregnant or breast feeding or planning on falling pregnant!


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    Dermaceutic is a leading international skincare brand used and endorsed by over 30,000 doctors and aestheticians around the world.

    Skin results and statements are based on clinical trials performed by the brand and individual results may vary.

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Apply to the face and neck in the morning or evening before your Dermaceutic cream. Activ Retinol may produce dryness or flakiness of the skin. If this happens stop using the product and apply every 3rd day once the skin has settled. After two weeks apply every 2nd day and move slowly to once daily applications


The skin appears rejuvenated and radiant


A unique combination of high performance actives and energizers containing essential minerals which help to restore and hydrate skin

0.5% Retinol Complex

Repairs and protects damaged and dry skin. Stimulates the renewal of skin cells (basal layer) and regulates the migration and transformation of keratinocytes

1% Pure Vitamins C and E

With renowned antioxidant properties, this combination of vitamins combats the signs of photoageing and limits their appearance

1% Ceramides, Panthenol, Allantoin and Mineral Cocktail

Hydrating and nourishing actives which reinforce the skin barrier and intensely hydrate skin


  • verified owner ,

    Awesome product, only been using it for a month now and i can already see the difference in my skin. You only need to use a little for an application and it feels great on the skin, get absorbed nicely and has a nice non greasy feel. My skin has reacted really well to my skin and i would recommend it.

  • verified owner ,

    Hi Manni thank you for the feedback. I agree retinol is a great ingredient for the skin and the Dermaceutic provides a great topical feel product. Kind regards Dr Alek

  • verified owner ,

    This is a truly amazing product. I have acne prone dry sensitive skin with pigmentation. This product does not only give zero irritation as would be expected of such a relatively high amount of retinol, the other ingredients leave your skin looking smooth, glowing and it dries out and heals pimples in record time. I have ditched my prescription retinol for this product as I get great results with none of the horrible side effects. If you are on a tight budget and buy only one product it should be this one!

  • ,

    This is an amazing retinol product as it sinks in the skin very quickly without feeling greasy. I did not get any skin reactions but noticed visible changes in my skin within 2 weeks of use. I highly recommend it.

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