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New Arrivals


Mesoestetic Laboratories is a multinational pharmaceutical company specialising in the development and manufacturing of topical medications, medical aesthetic treatments and devices, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals for aesthetics professionals


optiphi® aims to restore your skin
optiphi® can effectively target the factors that contribute to ageing and improve the skin’s appearance by replenishing age related losses which results in a rejuvenated and improved skin


BODYeCRACKLE™ is the MOST Advanced Anti-Cellulite Solution brought to you with the innovative Crackle Technology. The effective synergy of 12 Active ingredients, combined with the patented Crackle Technology provides rapid and deep penetration of the product, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness


Pioneering a New Generation of Skincare
With every QMS Medicosmetics product you experience powerful, intelligent skincare formulations based on scientific logic not miracles
“Advancing the science of skincare is more than a passion for me; it is my life´s work and the foundation of QMS” – Dr. Erich Schulte