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Neostrata Range

Neostrata Product Range

Neostrata products are advanced therapeutic and cosmetic dermatological products which feature unsurpassed Polyhydroxy Acid technology to meet the needs of every skin type*. Dr Alek Nikolic uses NeoStrata extensively in his practice including the NeoStrata skin care products and their professional chemical peel treatments. NeoStrata Inc. is a USA based company and a leader in scientifically-advanced, cosmetic dermatology, develops products recommended by doctors and skincare experts worldwide that visibly resurface, restore, rejuvenate, enlighten and refine the skin*. Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu, NeoStrata’s co-founders, first revolutionised anti-ageing skincare with the discovery of the rejuvenating powers of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and, later, Polyhydroxy Acids, Bionic Acids and N-Acetyl Amino Sugars/Acids*. NeoStrata products are formulated with technologies and ingredients that are patented, proprietary and globally sourced to deliver visible results for a variety of skin types and conditions including photo-ageing, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, severe dryness and acne*

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* Results from the use of these products are from clinical trials, individual experiences may differ.

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