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Matriskin Product Ranges

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Matriskin is a high-performance skincare system that tackles skin problems by treating imperfections such as wrinkles, acne marks and dark spots with high concentrations of active ingredients that undeniably make Matriskin a great choice as a regular personal skin regime*. The French skincare line Matriskin has finally arrived in South Africa, introducing skin results thanks to its innovative ingredients, carefully selected & combined in order to restore your skin*


Matriskin’s exclusive formula sets itself apart from other products in the market because it produces immediate results due to its preventive, curative, and stabilising properties*

The Matriskin technology combines two patented molecules, polysaccharides and ceramics with peptides, obtained through cutting-edge biotechnological processes. The result of this unique combination is an extensive range of products that fortify the protective function & restructuring of the skin*. Matriskin is a Cosmeceutical Skin Care Line

* Results from the use of these products are from clinical trials, individual experiences may differ