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Alpha-H Products Range

Considered a global leader in corrective and preventative skincare, Alpha-H creates revolutionary cosmeceutical formulations, which help bridge the gap between the beauty counter and invasive treatments. Proudly Australian owned and operated, Alpha-H is now a global phenomenon, stocked in over 25 countries including prestige clinics, exclusive day spas, and cosmetic giants Sephora and Marks & Spencer*



Conquering the cosmeceutical world on an international scale has meant Alpha-H has had to create genius in order to stand out. Alpha-H’s best selling resurfacing treatment Liquid Gold is symbolic of this success, becoming a “cult” beauty classic with one being sold every minute of every hour, and Harper’s Bazaar labeling it as ‘bottled brilliance’
Despite a history stretching back over twenty years, the core message remains unchanged; Alpha-H is committed to achieving clinical results with minimal effort and zero downtime.Integrity and scientific development sets Alpha-H apart from other brands, which offer a band-aid rather than a solution for specific skin concerns. To achieve fast effective results Alpha-H use a concentrated and balanced combination of potent cosmeceutical and natural ingredients, which are supported with scientific evidence and efficacy studies*

Brand owner and director Michelle Doherty stands for Alpha-H out of her own skin struggles and personal need for effective skin treatments. Michelle believes brands need to be accountable for their products and deliver on the promise of a healthy functioning skin*

“It is my belief that all women and men deserve to feel beautiful and confident within their own skin. Alpha-H was founded on the promise of replenishing and rejuvenating the skin through highly active professional skin treatments” – Michelle Doherty
Alpha-H are leaders in exfoliation, resurfacing and skin renewal; formulating our own clinical peels and supplying the professional beauty industry. Over 1000 clinics worldwide offer our treatments and we continue to innovate and set trends within the professional industry. As a brand, we’ve owned the category of skin resurfacing for over 2 decades – long before it became fashionable to develop exfoliating products

* Results from the use of these products are from clinical trials, individual experiences may differ