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Normal Skin

Normal skin, which has a good balance of moisture, small pores and an even tone, is the goal of most skin care regimens. Normal skin is soft to the touch and its complexion is more or less even and typically has a smooth and regular texture. Find out with our dedicated normal skin blog page how to maintain and achieve a normal skin type.

The Pros and Cons of Retinol

Why Is Retinol So Important For Our Skins?

The Pros and Cons of Retinol: In this article find out the truth: is retinol a super ingredient or not and read about retinol’s pros and cons. By Dr Alek Nikolic.

I recently started – for the last 6 weeks – using retinol (also known as vitamin A) on my skin and so far I am impressed with the results. Read more

Recognising Your Skin Type

‘ Know Your Skin Type Before Choosing Your Skin Care Products’ 

Recognising Your Skin Type – What’s Your Skin Type? This is the first of a series of articles where my aim is to guide you in not only determining what skin type you have but what are the best ingredients that you need to use to get the most out of your skin regime and ultimately the best looking skin. Read more