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Dermaquest C Infusion

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Win This Incredible Hamper From Dermaquest

Win With SkinMiles – We are offering TWO exclusive SkinMiles online offers that includes a free C Infusion Treatment Mask to the value of R 750.00 with every purchase of a C Infusion Serum and Eye Cream and a 4 hamper C Infusion giveaway competition Worth R 3,640.00

Everyone who buys a C Infusion skin care product stands the chance to win the entire C Infusion range consisting of C Infusion Cleanser, C Infusion Serum, C Infusion Eye Cream and a C Infusion Mask to the value of R 3,640.00!


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10% BVOSC – Oil Soluble, 3 x more penetration than L Ascorbic acid, enhances SPF
5% Ferulic Acid – potent antioxidant, doubles UV protection, improves stability of Vitamin C and E
2% Retinol – antioxidant value and improves cell turnover, safe level for daytime use
Vitamin E – enhances antioxidant effects of Vitamin C
CitruStem (Orange Stem Cells) – architect of the skin, brightening, anti inflammatory
3% Cyclotetrapeptide – 24 – Prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin, reduces wrinkle length and depth/span>

C Infusion Mask


  1. Brightens and energizes the skin without causing irritation
  2. Provides soothing antioxidant protection
  3. Promotes collagen and elastin
  4. Increases natural hyaluronic acid

Performance Ingredients:

  1. Actifirm Complex – (Centella Asiatica & Coneflower Extract) Promotes the development of collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid in the skin
  2. 1% BV-OSC – Oil Soluble, antioxidant, whitening effect, protects against UV-A and UV-B damage, stimulation of collagen
  3. 3% Rigin (Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7) – Assists in suppressing the skins inflammatory response, promotes healing and cell regeneration
  4. Co-Enzyme Q10 – Boosts skin repair, regeneration and has potent antioxidant properties
  5. Alpha Lipoic Acid – Universal antioxidant, fighting free radicals inside & outside of the cell

C Infusion Cleanser

  1. Brightens and energizes the skin without causing irritation
  2. Attracts moisture to parched skin
  3. Soothes inflammation and purifies needy skin

Performance Ingredients

  1. Panthenol (Vitamin B5) – Natural humectant that draws moisture to the skin,
  2. assists in healing and conditioning of the skin
  3. 5% BV-OSC – Oil Soluble, antioxidant, whitening effect, protects against UV-A
  4. and UV-B damage, stimulation of collagen
  5. Argireline® – Lessens muscle contractions
  6. Orange Stem Cells – Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties


It firms your skin and makes it look younger. Vitamin C is an important part in the formation and production of collagen. When it is added into a topical regime the Vitamin C forces fibroblasts to increase collagen synthesis which results in younger and healthier looking skin. One will also notice an improvement in the skins firmness and elasticity. Fibroblasts are pre cursor cells that turn into collagen and elastin in our skins so activating them are vital for long term younger looking skin.

It helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and slows down skin ageing. Vitamin C has been shown with numerous clinical studies to be a potent anti-oxidant when applied to our skins. Recent evidence shows a significant contributor to ageing skin (after UV damage) is environmental free radicle damage such as pollution, smoking, oxygen, and UV induced free radicles. Vitamin C has the ability to neutralise these environmentally induced free radicles and even provide a protective sheet preventing them from entering the skin.

It increases the skins defence against UV damage and even boosts your SPF effectiveness. Recent evidence has shown that by combining vitamin C with a SPF an added bonus is achieved in protecting your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. It has also been shown that Vitamin C can help repair skin damage following excess exposure to the sun. it is important to note that Vitamin C should never be replaced for applying an effective SPF to your skin.

It helps to reduce hyperpigmentation, dark marks and blemishes, and increases your skins glow. Clinical studies have demonstrated that Vitamin C helps to reduce melanin production in melanocytes which are cells responsible for producing pigment or the colour of our skin and hair. As a result, topical Vitamin C will help with reducing the appearance of dark marks, blemishes, age spots, and will even help with dark eye circles.